ENEGER MAX SH-P9100 TRINETIC2.0 The new revolutionized TRINETIC 2.0 triple-effect energy conversion system has an upgraded shock absorption. Through the recombination of newly developedmaterials, it has a35% increase in shock absorption during high-impact 
when compared with the first generation to achieve excellent ability and comfortable wear.
ENERGYMAX3.0 The new generation of highly elasticity material, with a 22% increase in rebound ability. The shock absorbency increase by 6%, which can dramatically enhance the instant resilience, shock absorption and cushioning effect to shocks.
LIGHT RESILIENT EVA A new, completely upgraded lightweight, highly resilient, and durable midsole, which has a 16% in durability when compared to the original high resilient EVA. It improves the life-span of shoes, reduced 19% of weight, flexibility increased by 5%, and lowered muscle burden in intensive exercises, which allows one to take agile paces quickly.